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Changes or repairs to the exterior of your property must comply with the Architectural Guidelines 2022.
NOTE: Stucco, stucco paint, all trim, decks, garage doors, and fences must use colors specified in the Architectural Guidelines 2022.  This is true for both improvements and maintenance, whether or not a permit is required.  Other permits unrelated to PPCSA may be required as well.  Rooftop solar, for example, requires permits from both PNM and  government entities.  Zoning permits from the City of Santa Fe are required for many types of construction improvements.  Homeowners are responsible for obtaining all required permits.

For improvements and major maintenance you'll need to submit an Architectural Improvement Application to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and receive approval before construction can start.

For landscaping improvements on a Common Area, you must submit an ACC Common Area Landscaping Application.

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