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If you would like to volunteer to serve on any of these committees, please contact the PPCSA Office Manager:

Architectural Control Committee:
Bruce Bender (Chair), Richard White (Vice Chair) Richard Becker, Susan Feiner, Bob Jacob, Nancy Lane, Dick Lueck, Jane Steinberg

Communications Committee:
Laurie Glaze (Chair), Tom Carr, Richard White

Community Garden Committee:
Wayne Darnell (Chair), Marcus Garcia, Steve Harvath

Dog Park Committee:
Susan Swoboda (Chair), Meredith Holden, Michael Koepke, Ann Warren

Finance Committee:
Richard White (Chair), Christopher Bartsch, Tom Carr, Laurie Glaze

Landscape Committee:
Nora Haskins (Chair), Irene Epp, Bill Glaze, Art Ireland, Marianne Murray, Elaine Pinar, Jonni Pool, Matt Rieland

Mediation Committee:
Tom Carr (Chair), Richard White

Tennis / Pickleball Courts Committee:
Jonathan Blakey (Chair), David Brenner, Kim King, Barbara Christiano

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