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If you would like to volunteer to serve on any of these committees, please contact the PPCSA Office Manager:

Architectural Control Committee:
Tom Carr (Chair), Richard White, Laurie Glaze 

Community Garden Committee:
Wayne Darnell (Chair), Marcus Garcia, Steve Harvath

Finance Committee:
Tom Carr (Chair), Laurie Glaze, Steve Harvath, Richard White

Landscape Committee:
Gene Harrell (Board Representative), Chris Bartsch, Beth Bell, Irene Epp, Nora Haskins, Art Ireland, Marianne Murray, Jonni Pool, Matt Reiland

Mediation Committee:
Tom Carr (Chair), Richard White

Nominating Committee:

To be appointed at the November, 2024, Board meeting

Chair must be a Board member plus 2 or more from the Association 

Strategic Planning:
Connie Crow (Chair), J.D. Bullington, Laurie Glaze

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